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Yearly Overview

Yearly Overview - Monitoring and Assessment




Settling In and Initial Assessments



Completed within child’s first 4 weeks at Nursery.

Settling in sheet sent home.

Teacher observations of the child through quality interactions and play.

Discussions with parents and amongst the team.


Planning in the Moment


Our Daily planning and assessment for all children throughout the year.


Ongoing for all children.

In the moment planning record sheets for each child once a term which are shared with the child and their parents/carers.

Learning Journal


On-going through child’s time at setting.


Each child is given a learning journey folder when they start. They are displayed in the children’s key group areas. The folders contain evidence of the child’s learning at home and school and their interests are documented, shared and given to the child to take home when they leave.

Communication and Language Monitoring



Communication and Language Tracker forms completed for all children. Discussions about individual children amongst the team.

The whole team support children with speech strategies, ongoing.

POMS Well-being and Involvement



POMS records for all children. Specific strategies recorded for those children highlighted with lower well-being and involvement scores. Outcomes from strategies discussed termly and updated when appropriate.

Two Year Old Checks


Completed once for two year olds only

Completed by key workers in Caterpillar group unless already been done by a health visitor or another setting.