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What people say about us:

What the Parents say:

I would give them more stars if I could. They have raised the bar so high now no school is good enough. My daughter had a medical problem which once we talked, and they understood what is happening, they did so much to keep her confidence and take her mind of it, so can still have fun while playing and learning. That essentially helped her continue to overcome the problem. In that short time there, a bit less than a year she grew and developed so much. I can't put in words how pleased I am with that nursery and I would recommend to anyone. I have seen the difference between my daughter while being there and other children in other nurseries. They have great communication with parents and are helpful when there is a problem. Thank you all in Maidenhead Nursery School. She still misses you. 

My child loves to go to school and has grown so much as a child. He has developed into a beautiful, confident and adventurous kid.

Maidenhead Nursery changed our lives as a family. Our child is like a completely different child since coming to Maidenhead Nursery. He is so much happier, fewer tantrums as he can now tell us most of his needs.

I am particularly happy with the way in which our child has grown in confidence. He is happy and feels secure. He has also become much more articulate and chatty holding down long conversations. It is clear that the basics in numeracy are reinforced very well and that our child has a sense of the concept of number. He has also made good friendships which is obviously paramount. Thank you for everything you do!  

Our child has really found his feet during his time at Maidenhead Nursery School. He has made friends, grown in confidence and continued to develop his skills in every area at a constant pace. Both the wonderful staff and environment at the nursery school have been absolutely ideal to aid our child in developing his full potential by providing stimulation, facilities, security and safety for him to explore so many things. I am particularly impressed by the observations that have taken place and the records that have been made regarding this. Maidenhead Nursery School is without doubt the very best in terms of a pre-school setting, and I am privileged to have been able to place my child here. A huge thank you to the team for all your hard work.

It was so lovely to read about our child's progress at Maidenhead Nursery School. We are so pleased with the amount he has learnt and how much he has grown during his time with you. He has really enjoyed making new friends, learning new skills and becoming more independent. We feel that his time at Maidenhead Nursery school has perfectly equipped him with the skills he will utilise as he starts school in September and we cannot thank you enough. We incredibly proud of our child's achievements and the support he has received from you has definitely had a huge positive impact on his learning journey. We hope that his little sister will be able to follow in his footsteps when she is old enough. 

 We are just so glad that both our children went to Maidenhead Nursery School. We feel it is an excellent transition for school. Both our children have absolutely loved nursery and have been introduced to learning and education in a fun and supportive way. Thank you to all the nursery team you rock!  

What the children say: 

I see my friends. I like coming to nursery coz it’s fun, I like playing in the house.

( Sam )

I like dressing up and playing on the tandems and I like playing in the house and computers.

( Gemma )

The teachers, they help me. I like the computers and the babies and the dressing up.

( Becky )

What visiting Professionals say about us:

What a fantastic nursery! As a primary school teacher all my life I appreciate the hard work, dedication and imagination of all the staff. These children are very fortunate to have such a happy, caring and fulfilling start to their school career.