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Phonics -Phase 1 and 2

 Phase 1 - I Spy with a difference! This game help children hear the individual sounds in words. They will begin to blend the sounds together to recognise the whole word. 



Phase 2 - G is for gold! Go on a hunt for gold coins and see what is hiding behind each one.



Phase One - Voice Sounds. Having fun making sounds as we sing and play is a vital part of getting ready to read and write. Have fun joining in with Hannah singing The Wheels on the Bus and then try and make up your own version.













Phase 1 - Rhyming story and game. 




Have a go at practising the letter sounds we have learnt so far! Watch out for a new sound d.

How many things can you spot beginning with the sound d?









Phase 1 - Bucket Time. One of our favourite activities at nursery is useful to develop concentration and attention.




Phase 1 - Tommy Thumb. Action songs and rhymes are an important part of early literacy development. Keeping in time as you sing together helps develop our awareness of sounds and rhythms. 




Phase 1 - A Listening Walk

This activity helps us tune into sounds. It is important to develop our listening skills so we can hear the different sounds in words as learn to read and spell. 




Phonics Phase 2 - 2 letter sounds per week. 

m "Maisie, mountain, mountain"



a "around the apple, down the leaf"



s "slither down the snake"