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Maths Champions

 Posting Game - Numeral Matching

Each toy has a numbered door. The children take it in turns to choose an envelope with a number on it from the post person's bag. Sing the song as seen in the video below - 

"This is the way we deliver the post, deliver the post, deliver the post

This is the way we deliver the post so early in the morning."

Match the envelope and numbered door. 




Minus and Plus Game - This game is a fun way to familiarise children with plus and minus symbols and help them to understand what they mean. You could use anything that you have a large collection of such as cars or Duplo bricks. You can also use a normal dice along with images of smiley faces with a plus symbol and sad faces with a minus symbol. Cut out several of each and fold them up before putting them into a feely bag or shoe box. This way you can take turns to roll a number and then reveal whether you will be adding to your collection or subtracting from it! (Scroll down to find printable copies of smiley faces and symbols.)



Highest Wins! 

This game is a great way to practice subitising (see below for definition). If you would like to print off your own copy it is available at the bottom of the page. 




The Flower Pot Game




This activity helps children to develop the ability to subitise,  which means being able to recognise how many items are in a small group without counting.

Subitising is important as it can help children to build visual images for numbers, which in turn helps them to learn number facts.

Playing dice games is another engaging way to encourage and develop subitising.