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We use the ‘language of learning’ with children and they quickly adopt this language as well which helps them to place value on the importance of their characteristics of effective learning, not just the end product of their efforts.

The majority of our assessment of children’s learning is done through feedback in the here-and-now. Practitioners are skilled in modelling metacognitive thinking for children and this in turn helps children to develop a growth mindset.

Metacognitive thinking enables children to talk more specifically about thinking in different contexts. It enables children to use a ‘plan do review’ approach in their learning. They become independent and more powerful learners. This in turn supports their approach to managing their own learning later in their school years. Children are able to articulate what they can do and identify what they are trying to do next.

We have an open door policy for parents and recognise that the child’s parents are their primary and most important educators. We pride ourselves on working closely with parents from the very start of their child’s time with us. We do this through induction visits and meetings, home visits, termly in the moment planning feedback, sharing learning journeys and wow moments, weekly parent planning and speech techniques of the month, incidental discussions, 2 year old checks and an end of year report.

Parents are provided with weekly updates of the children’s learning as well as planning for the week ahead. The ‘Our Learning’ weekly updates show a snap shot of two or three moments in the week where children’s play developed into a notable learning opportunity for a group. We also suggest ways that parents can support their child’s learning at home which complement the following week’s adult led teaching and learning group times and don’t require any special resources. Each month we attach a simple information sheet based around an area of learning eg. ‘Getting our bodies ready to write’.

An example of the weekly information provided to our parents