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  • Saxophonist - Vasilis Xenopoulos

    Published 21/02/24
    Saxophonist, composer and educator Vasilis Xenopoulos is one of the most accomplished Greek jazz musicians of his generation. He also happens to be a Dad of one of our children at Nursery! Vasilis came to play his saxophone at Cookham
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  • The Pied Piper - The Hobgoblin Theatre Company

    Published 29/11/23
    The Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited Cookham Nursery School! The actors produced a fabulous show of their version of The Pied Piper and after the performance we were invited to join a drama session where we all pretended to be different characters f
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  • Children In Need

    Published 17/11/23
    On Friday 17th November we collected money for Children in Need. We had a lovely day, getting involved in Pudsey activities. We took part in a treasure hunt, made spotty biscuits, danced with Pudsey and listened to Pudsey stories. We talked about the
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  • Stay and Play

    Published 15/11/23
    On Wednesday 15th November, our parents and carers stayed at Nursery to play alongside their children and see some of the learning that takes place here. The children were so enthusiastic about sharing their experiences both indoors and out and we we
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  • Goose and Bear by Rhian Lynette

    Published 02/10/23
    The children at Cookham Nursery School were really excited when they heard that a real life author was coming to read her book to them! A local author, Rhian Lynette has written a story called 'Bear and Goose.' It's a lovely story about&n
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  • Fun with the Farm

    Published 05/07/23
    We really enjoyed having Basil's Mobile Farm to visit! The children were able to spend a great deal of time surrounding themselves with a huge range of animals, from big to small. We fed and watered, stroked and brushed and learnt so much about h
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  • Reptiles

    Published 16/05/23
    Some reptiles came to visit Cookham Nursery School! It was an incredibly special day full of awe and wonder. There was a huge variety of reptiles including a corn snake, a huge tortoise, a bearded dragon and a chameleon! The children learnt many inte
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  • Earth Song Drummers

    Published 11/05/23
    We welcomed 'The Earth Song Drummers' to Cookham Nursery school. What a wonderful day! Storme and Jill held workshops throughout the day, playing an amazing range of musical instruments, weaving story-telling into the experience and giving th
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  • Chicks

    Published 02/05/23
    We were so lucky to have all 10 eggs hatch from our 'Living Eggs' experience! It was a very exciting time, learning new vocabulary about the life cycle of a chicken, from when it starts to develop inside the egg until it is fully grown. We al
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  • PC Bullock visits Nursery

    Published 20/03/23
    This week we welcomed PC David Bullock to Cookham Nursery. He is the author of a brilliant set of stories based on a character called PC Ben, which is aimed at pre-school children. David spent time chatting to the children, and he read them the
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  • A Windy Day

    Published 13/03/23
    We have had a great time being involved in windy day activities. This morning we loved making bubbles and watching them speedily blow high into the sky. This afternoon we flew our Nursery kite around the garden, which inspired the children to make th
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  • World Book Day

    Published 02/03/23
    World Book Day 2023 was on Thursday 2nd March. This week, we have read lots of stories and rhymes as we do every day at Cookham Nursery.  It is essential for children to develop a life-long love of reading. Language comprehension starts fro
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