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  • Trim Trail

    Published 21/05/21
    Our new Trim Trail has been installed.  Our wobbly bridge, stepping stones and climbing trail have been updated.  Our aim is for the children to build up really good control and co-ordination on physically demanding equipment while persever
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  • Cameras

    Published 19/03/21

    We have invested in some new cameras for the children to use independently.

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  • Skills to last a lifetime

    Published 15/01/21


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  • Persona Doll

    Published 15/01/21

    Introducing Jasmine

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  • Fire Bowl

    Published 15/01/21

    Snack time

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  • Nursery School Covid - 19 Restrictions

    Published 04/01/21

    Please read below regarding the Nursery School restrictions - Updated Tuesday 12th January 2021

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  • Welcome to Cookham Nursery School

    Published 22/06/20

       Please click on the links below to view the video.  Please note the first video has audio.

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  • Recycling

    Published 11/02/20

    We have been on a drive to reduce the amount of waste that we, as a Nursery, send to landfill.

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  • Intergenerational Project

    Published 13/12/19

    This term children from Yellow Group have been visiting our friends at Cookham Riverside nursing home.

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  • Water Play Area

    Published 19/11/19

    We are thrilled with our new Water Play area.

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  • We were scientists for the day

    Published 24/05/19

    Archie's mum and dad came in to the nursery for the day (They are both Scientists!).  They organised a day of experiments, investigation, observation and exploration.

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  • Earth Song Drummers

    Published 15/03/19

    We welcomed "Earth Song Drummers" into the Nursery for the day on 13th March 2019.  We played African drums and listened to musical instruments which we had never seen before.

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