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  • Reptiles visiting

    Published 17/05/24
    We had some unusual visitors at Maidenhead Nursery School on Wednesday.  Caterpillar room was taken over by snakes, frogs, snails, millipedes, tarantulas, tortoises, a praying mantis and even a brightly coloured chameleon. The children asked que
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  • Balance Bikes

    Published 03/05/24
    In the Autumn term we played games and did challenges to develop our strength, balance and control.  In the Spring term, we practiced using our balance bikes. They are lightweight but sturdy and a fantastic step towards riding a two wheeled pedd
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  • Woodwork

    Published 24/04/24
    Our studio has been busy as children learn how to use new tools safely and with control.  The children are focussing on making a plan of what they would like to create before choosing the things they will need. We have been blown away by their c
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  • People Who Help Us

    Published 26/03/24
    We were very lucky to have a visit from Dr Khan and James the paramedic. They talked to us about how they help people, showed us some of the equipment they use and answered the children’s questions about their job.  We even had the chance
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  • Growing

    Published 05/03/24
    In the Spring term we planted seeds and bulbs. We learnt what they needed to grow; watering them and making sure they are next to the window to get access to sunlight. The children have been fascinated to see the changes, talking about the big leaves
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  • Christmas at Maidenhead Nursery School

    Published 12/12/23
      What a wonderful festive build up to the Christmas break! The children decorated the environment, adding decorations to our Christmas trees and even making their own wooden decorations in the woodwork studio. They enjoyed different arts, cr
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  • Communication and Language Stay and Play

    Published 17/11/23
    What a lovely session of joint play and learning with parents - based around communication and language development. The children were excited to show their favourite resources and areas around the nursery. Communication and language is one of the pr
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  • Firework Art

    Published 10/11/23
    We have been so inspired by the loud but beautiful fireworks. The children made big, colourful marks with paint sticks and crayons as we listened to classical music. They printed with paints and toilet rolls and even created giant art using the powde
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  • Hobgoblin Theatre Group – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Published 08/11/23
    Wow! What an amazing day at nursery. It was transformed into theatre and we were lucky enough to watch the actors become the characters in our focus story- Goldilocks and the three bears. After the performance we were invited to join a drama session.
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  • Making Porridge for Goldilocks

    Published 03/11/23
    So Goldilocks didn’t need to eat the bears porridge we made her some (and also tried it for ourselves). We learnt how to read a recipe (follow photos), make accurate measurements (full cups) and mix carefully to make sure it didn’t spill.
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  • Pumpkins

    Published 31/10/23
    We have been exploring our woodwork area, learning about safety rules and equipment by hammering golf tees into pumpkins. We introduced the children using pumpkins as they are easier to tap into that wood. Once the children have all had a turn and ar
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  • Jackson Pollock ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 20/09/23
    The artist who has inspired us this term is Jackson Pollock. We looked in detail at his ‘messy’ paintings and made our own using similar splatter and drizzle techniques.        
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