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We always endeavour to open Maidenhead Nursery School, however if for any reason we need to close for health and safety reasons we will contact parents via email.  In the event of the bad weather parents should check here for an update or look at the RBWM website or listen to Heart Thames Valley or BBC Radio Berkshire for school closure announcements.

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    Published 22/06/18

    MNS Ofsted inspection on 12 June 2018.

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  • Nursery School Covid - 19 Restrictions

    Published 05/01/21

    Please read below regarding The Nursery School restrictions - Updated Tuesday 12th January 2021

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  • Welcome to Maidenhead Nursery School

    Published 23/06/20

    Welcome to Maidenhead Nursery School

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  • Making our own rainbow in the rain!

    Published 05/03/20

    We used blue and yellow powder paint to create our own rainbow in the playground. The rain started to wash it away so we used brooms and paint brushes to create our own pictures in the watery paint. 

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  • Earthsong Musicians

    Published 06/02/20

    We had a wonderful day full of music, dancing and fun with Angela, Storme and Kate. They played some unusual instruments and then gave us the chance to join in. We played drums, a harp and some shakers! We have been inspired to make our own instruments and perform on our stage outside!

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  • Super September Settling In

    Published 16/09/19

    Since our home visits the children have been settling into the routines, making new friends and exploring our exciting environments. Even our chicks have explored their new area and made new friends. 

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  • Our Picnic in the Rain!

    Published 20/06/19

    We had a wonderful picnic under the cover so we didn't get wet in the rain! We added salad and cheese to our chosen wraps. They were delicious! We enjoyed some strawberries at the end of our picnic and then fed the leftovers to the chickens. 

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  • Eating a Rainbow

    Published 14/06/19

    We are learning about why it is important to eat a variety of food. Different coloured foods benefit our bodies in different ways. 

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  • We released our butterflies

    Published 14/06/19

    We watched our baby caterpillars grow and grow as they ate and ate. We were amazed as they changed into their chrysalises. After waiting patiently we saw them emerge as beautiful butterflies and all watched as Bev released them into our back garden.

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  • Pancake Day

    Published 12/03/19

    We made pancakes for pancake day on Tuesday 5th March.

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  • Numicon

    Published 01/03/19

    We held a stay and play to showcase the new Numicon take home bags that we bought using a grant from the Spoore, Merry and Rixman fund.  The aim was to familiarise parents with the underpinning concepts of Numicon and to demonstrate how we use them as a fun and interactive mathematical teaching tool.  Every child will have a chance to take home a Numicon bag with various engaging activities to explore with their family.

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  • "Soccerinschools" football workshop

    Published 21/05/18

    Football time

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