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  • Balance Bike

    Published 04/07/22

    During the summer term we're carrying out some research into the impact that learning to use a balance bike has on a child’s holistic development.

    Bike riding promotes mental and physical wellbeing as well as co-ordination and balance and it requires good core strength. Children need to develop their core strength in order to be able to sit at a table and write. By using the body’s sense of balance children activate their vestibular system which is linked to positive emotions as well as physical development. Learning to ride a bike is a skill for life and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

    We are so proud of the children's perseverance and determination as they progress towards independently riding and finding their sense of balance. 

    It will be a small step for them to progress to using pedals. Well done to all the children for taking part in our research, little and often definitely seems to be the key when learning to ride a bike.

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  • Forest school activities

    Published 24/06/22

    Forest school activities are so valuable for the children's learning and we're so lucky at The Lawns to have such a wonderful garden for the children to learn in, full of wildlife and plants that the children learn to nurture. Toasting marshmallows is the icing on the cake!

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  • The Farm visits Nursery

    Published 17/06/22

    The day Basil and Crew's travelling farm visits us at The Lawns is officially the BEST day of the year! Needless to say the children adored the animals and were very respectful towards them as they fed and petted them whilst learning about how to care for each one, what they ate and where they liked to live. This is a lovely way each year to celebrate the children's successful and fun time at The Lawns before they leave us for their 'big schools'.

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  • Earthsong Multicultural Music Workshop

    Published 10/06/22

    Earthsong Multicultural Music Workshop

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  • Chicks

    Published 27/05/22

    Chicks hatching at The Lawns Nursery School

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  • Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee

    Published 26/05/22

    The Queen's Jubilee celebrated at The Lawns Nursery School

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  • Police Community Support Officers visit Nursery

    Published 20/05/22

    PCSOs visit The Lawns Nursery School

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  • Chicks hatching

    Published 21/05/21


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  • Making a Wreath

    Published 03/12/20

    The children helped to make a Christmas wreath this week. They collected sticks from the garden and then decorated them with paint and glitter.

    After that they were supported in the shaping of the wreath. They used a variety of resources and techniques such as weaving the sticks together and securing them in place with pipe cleaners and string. Then it was time to decorate the wreath with herbs and different coloured leaves. It looks fantastic hanging up in the Nursery.

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  • Painting

    Published 30/11/20


    This week the children had great fun using paint in different ways. They used paintbrushes, small mops, their hands and were very excited when they discovered red and blue made purple! They then discovered that many different colours are made on the light box with colour paddles. The children have also been very busy collecting twigs in the garden, painting them with white paint and glitter to make a twig Christmas tree which they will decorate over the coming weeks.

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  • Pumpkins

    Published 23/11/20

    It's been another lovely Autumnal week at the Lawns. The children have loved spending time in the garden. 
    There was great excitement when a ladybird was found by one of the children in the sand.
    The children explored and investigated the pumpkins; using them in different ways. They had great fun hammering golf tees in the skin and making holes with various tools. The pumpkins were also used in the potions area where the children scooped out the flesh and mixed the seeds.

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